Iris Blueberry Fair


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Iris sibirica ‘Blueberry Fair’
Iris ‘Blueberry Fair’ Siberian Iris
Common Name: Siberian Iris

As the name suggests, this Siberian Iris has a similar flower shape to ‘Strawberry Fair’ but with blue coloring. 4″ wide, indigo purple falls and standards have white near the centers with indigo purple veining. The full-looking flowers sit atop extremely thick stems.

Siberian irises are haled for their elegant, delicate flowers and disease resistance. They perform admirably in the sunny to partially shady garden, but need plenty of water throughout the season to continue looking their best. In naturalized settings, they are particularly effective around water features. They can also be grown under Black Walnut trees since they are not effected by juglone. Siberian Irises bloom before Japanese Irises but after Tall Bearded Irises.