Salvia White Profusion


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1 Gallon

Common Name: Perennial Salvia

Last year, we introduced three new Salvia nemorosa whose claim to fame was fantastic rebloom throughout the summer. New for 19-20 comes a brand new color to the series, ‘White Profusion’! Just like its counterparts, this Salvia will reflush with flowers if sheared back and will do so many times. A full, round habit that’s unbothered by deer and rabbits make it a perfect choice for the early summer garden.

Salvia is a staple item for every sunny garden. It asks little more than sunshine and a little drink every once in a while in return for producing a bountiful mass of colorful flower spires from late spring into early summer. It forms a uniform, rounded clump of aromatic, rugose green foliage that looks nice all season long and is not enjoyed by rabbits or deer.