Thuja Green Giant 7′-8′ B&B


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‘Green Giant’ arborvitae

This evergreen is a very hardy, fragrant, and deer-resistant evergreen variety that provides you with year-around privacy, beauty, and a noise screen. In addition, these majestic evergreen trees offer a great visual background for beautiful flowering shrubs.

They are fast growing trees adding 2′- 3′ of growth per year when young (with good fertilizer, regular watering, and in properly amended soil) and are both soft and pleasant to the touch. They love full sun, but will still grow well in half sun/ half shade. USDA zone 5-7.

You can be creative by planting these in a staggered pattern or in a straight line to create a beautiful living ‘green wall’ to enjoy, as opposed to an unattractive metal or wood fence that you have to look at every day. These trees also provide nesting sites and year around protection for birds during inclement weather.

These trees offer a great environmental and neighbor-friendly solution to creating privacy and a better environment for all. They are fragrant, evergreen, and tolerate clay soil.