Tricyrtis Miyazaki Hybrids


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Ivory white blossoms of this Tricyrtis curl open to display a splattering of purple spots. Fall flowering lends an exotic accent to the border. Roots should not be allowed to dry out.

Absolutely sparkles in a woodland environment with rich organic soil. This late blooming shade lover will be the talk of your fall garden. Breathtaking!


Type: Perennials
Height: Medium 30″
Spacing: Plant 18 ” apart
Bloom Time: Late Summer to Mid-Fall
Sun-Shade: Half Sun / Half Shade to Full Shade
Zones: 4-9
Soil Condition: Normal, Acidic
Flower: White
Accent: Purple

Features to Note

Attracts Butterflies
Humidity Tolerant
OK in Containers
Shade Tolerant
Wet Site Tolerant

Tricyrtis General Information

Tricyrtis are exotic, orchid-like flowers that bloom profusely in the shade. Perfect for a moist woody spot, Tricyrtis bloom when many other shade lovers are long done. Welcome flowers in the late summer and early fall. Combines well with Hosta and Ferns. Tends to wake late in spring.

Tricyrtis Plant Care

Prefers a moist, well-drained soil in partial shade. Slightly acidic is okay. Seldom needs division, but can be done in spring. Cut back by 1/2 in early June to control height and freshen foliage if needed. May benefit from extra watering during summer heat. Can cut down foliage after killing frost. Will colonize over time. Divide every 3-4 years in spring.