Feeling Grateful..Blessed..Lucky..THRILLED..We had a wonderful first holiday season. The support from our community was not only amazing..But truly heartwarming. Terence and I worked really hard to turn The Farm into what we felt was a Christmas miracle. We wanted it to feel special…for the white lights to twinkle..the trees to smell wonderful..and the holiday spirit to be genuine and we felt it turned out just right! Our good friend Kim Reilly of Studio K Photography…a so very talented photographer added to the holiday magic more then we could have ever hoped for! Below are the girls and I taking part in the holiday photo booth…it was a blast!


We had a wonderful turn out for our Saturday Open houses…festive events we truly loved!! Sometimes the holidays just becomes too overwhelming, it was nice to see so many people enjoying themselves….laughter was heard alongside music and good friends and customers toasted the season.

So now we stop…look back at this past year with amazement…and think we made it! It was another great year in which we are so proud!! Much hard work and dedication made it a successful season and none of the success would be possible without the continued dedication of our customers. We always look forward to seeing the familiar faces…and looking for new faces to connect with. BRING ON 2013….(well…slowly..We need a little rest)

xoxoxoxo Sassy